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January 10, 2019

Security measures at Gangasagar Mela – drones, CCTV, GPS-fitted vessels

Security measures at Gangasagar Mela – drones, CCTV, GPS-fitted vessels

A slew of measures have been taken by the State Government this year for the security and convenience of the lakhs of pilgrims who will be attending the Gangasagar Mela to take the holy dip.

Among the security measures are 12 drones, 700 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, LED television screens and GPS-fitted vessels. And to keep track of all these would be a control room, located at the site of the fair, and another at the State secretariat, Nabanna. Security personnel have been provided with 12 satellite mobile phones.

Metal barricades totalling 220km have constructed along the route to Sagar Island, and in front of the Kapil Muni Temple, where the devotees congregate after taking the holy dip.

Then, there will be 40 battery-run vehicles for picking up garbage for the duration of the fair. The temporary residential structures set up on the island have been painted with fire-retardant material.

Among the other measures taken up are refurbishment of the Kapil Muni Temple, setting up of a large number high-capacity portable lights, running of more buses and vessels, and stationing of medical teams and water ambulances.

Source: Aajkaal