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January 10, 2019

Mamata Banerjee lays the foundation stone for Kanyashree University in Nadia

Mamata Banerjee lays the foundation stone for Kanyashree University in Nadia

0Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated a new university for women at a public meeting in Krishnanagar. The university has been named Kanyashree University, after the world-renowned scheme for empowerment of girls.

She also announced that a campus of Harichand-Guruchand University will be set up in Nadia district. The CM will lay the foundation stone of the university tomorrow at a function in Barasat.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech:

  • Happy New Year to all of you. My best wishes and congratulations to the winners of Jal Taranga Sports Competition.
  • Girls are the future of the society. They are a combination of Lakshmi and Saraswati. My best wishes to all of you.
  • Kanyashree is now best in the world. Today we have laid the foundation stone of a new women’s university. We have named it Kanyashree University.
  • We have removed the income ceiling for Kanyashree eligibility. Every girl is Kanyashree now. Apart from K1 and K2, we have started K-3 – scholarship for university girls also.
  • Some of you will become engineers, some doctors, some of you will become something else. You will shape the society.
  • We have distributed over 1 crore Sabooj Sathi cycles for free. Every student of classes IX-XII are getting a bicycle, irrespective of discrimination.
  • Tomorrow I will lay the foundation stone of Harichand-Guruchand University at a function in Barasat. It will come up at Gaighata. A campus will come up at Krishnanagar.
  • Flipkart is investing in Kalyani. 10,000 direct employment opportunities will be created.
  • Mayapur will be developed as a heritage city. A new bridge is coming up, which will connect Kalna and Shantipur. The project cost is Rs 1,100 crore. It will reduce your travel time.
  • We have asked Delhi to develop national highways between Barasat and Krishnanagar. These are not under our jurisdiction.
  • Muslin Tirtha, Tant Tirtha have come up in Nadia.
  • We have achieved 100% distribution of Kisan Credit Cards in Nadia. We have abolished khajna tax and mutation fees on agricultural land.
  • The State Government is paying the money for crop insurance scheme. Centre is misleading you. We are also providing loans through custom hiring centres.
  • We have started a new scheme – farmers will receive Rs 5,000 for every acre annually. Small farmers will get proportional sum of money, minimum Rs 1,000.
  • We have started ‘Dhan din, cheque nin’ project for procuring paddy.
  • We provide healthcare for free. Beds, medicines are provided free of cost. People from other States and countries also come here for treatment.
  • In the name of bandhs, the CPI(M) hurled bombs at school students. It is shameful. Despicable. Must be condemned. They destroyed Bangla for 34 years. We are paying Rs 48,000 crore for the debt incurred by them.
  • AIIMS is coming up in Kalyani. We have already set up IIIT in Kalyani.
  • We provide Sikshashree scholarship to SC/ST students. We have given minority scholarships to over 1.7 crore students, the highest in the country.
  • Nadia is the district of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This is the district of peace and heritage. Nadia is famous of handloom and muslin. We are also setting up ‘Sara Tirtha’ here.
  • Do not pay heed to communal propaganda before elections. We have to preserve the unity and harmony of the country.
  • I want my Kanyashree girls to shine all over the world. Bangla will show the way to India. Bangla has the vision, which will become India’s mission.