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January 3, 2019

State Govt’s earnest efforts result in spur in organ transplants

State Govt’s earnest efforts result in spur in organ transplants

Thanks to the constant awareness campaigns being run by the State Health Department, Bangla has seen an unprecedented spur in organ transplants. The campaigns are run at both the government-run and private.

According to a senior official of the department, as many as 14 different cases of organ transplants have taken place in the State since July 2018. The transplants have taken place at both State-run and private institutions.

Organ transplants that have occurred here are essentially cadaver transplants. Organs were retrieved from patients who were declared brain dead by the competent authorities, transported to other hospitals and then transplanted on to patients in need.

The whole process is done through a register maintained by the Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (ROTTO), which holds names of potential receivers who urgently require organs.

It may be mentioned that transplant of an organ is heavily dependent on the initiative of the individuals rather than a comprehensive system. Hence, the campaigns of the Health Department are crucial.

Department officials are hopeful that the number of transplants in the State will go up in the future. The awareness campaigns have been intensified and a concrete roadmap is being created. The department will also tie up with non-governmental organisations (NGO) to carry out the campaign in a more effective manner.

Source: Millennium Post