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June 2, 2018

State Govt plans 10-year project for Bengal’s only crocodile breeding centre

State Govt plans 10-year project for Bengal’s only crocodile breeding centre

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project (BCP), the only one of its kind in Bengal, which has, of late, emerged as an important tourist destination, would soon come under a ten-year management plan for systematic crocodile breeding by the State Forest Department. It is basically a large shelter for crocodiles.

The project is part of the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve (SBR). It is located in the area of Bakkhali, adjacent to Lothian Island and on the bank of the Saptamukhi Estuary. Popularly known as the Crocodile Park of Bakkhali, it is also one of the few crocodile breeding centres in the world.

As part of the ten-year plan, the project area is being revamped – the area of the park will be doubled – and consequently, more crocodiles will be bread. The SBR has set a target of breeding more than 15 crocodiles in a year. The reptiles are released in the rivers of the Sundarbans after they attain three years of age, and after the population of adult crocodiles being bred goes over 20.

According to the director of SBR, once the large-scale breeding project is taken up, SBR will form a team of guides for explaining to tourists in detail about the breeding process and more importantly, about the importance of preservation of crocodiles.

Even now, BCP is quite popular. At the crocodile park, there is a variety of species of crocodiles from all stages of life – from a harmless egg to a full grown predator, and people can witness these dangerous creatures up front. The dense mangrove forest at the confluence of Saptamukhi river system has immense natural beauty to attract tourists all throughout the year.

Source: Millennium Post

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