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June 23, 2018

Now report taxi refusals via WhatsApp

Now report taxi refusals via WhatsApp

The State Government has set up helplines to address any grievance that a commuter or traveller might have regarding taxis.

This is in response to complaints by ordinary citizens about taxi drivers unwilling to take people unless they pay an amount higher than normal or misbehaving with passengers regarding the issue of fares. These complaints started coming even though the State Government recently notified higher fares in line with higher fuel prices.

There are three ways to lodge a complaint – call up a toll-free number (between 11am and 5pm), send the complaint through WhatsApp or mail the complaint.

· Toll-free number: 18003455192
· WhatsApp number: 8902017191
· Email: [email protected]

The complaints would be attended to on a first-come-first-served basis. The complainants would be called for a hearing, following which the driving license of the accused could be suspended for three months. All complaints would be addressed within 15 days.