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June 4, 2018

Bengal Govt to increase Sufal Bangla stalls to 100

Bengal Govt to increase Sufal Bangla stalls to 100

Following the success of Sufal Bangla Project, the State Government has decided to expand the scheme to provide further benefits to farmers and consumers.

Considering its successful running in the state, the Agricultural Marketing Minister said that the ministry is now planning to extend the number of stalls to 100 by June 2018. Already 67 Sufal Bangla outlets, including counters and mobile vans, are running in the state.

The department had introduced the scheme for opening Sufal Bangla outlets in 2014 to directly procure fruits and vegetables from farmers and sell them to consumers from various marketing centres. With the elimination middlemen, both farmers and consumers benefit – the former by getting the right prices and the latter by getting to buy at much affordable prices (without the inflation resulting from the share of middlemen).

The minister said that soon, meat and eggs, including from koel and chicken, will be available at all the counters. Mother Dairy payesh (rice pudding) will also be available.

In Kolkata, the new outlets are to be opened in Behala, Kankurgachhi, Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Hedua and Alipore.


Source: The Statesman