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June 12, 2018

Bengal Forest Dept bans use of plastic in parks

Bengal Forest Dept bans use of plastic in parks

The State Forest Department is going to impose strict restrictions on the usage of plastic material in the parks that are owned by the department. The Forest Minister announced this decision during a programme organised on the occasion of World Environment Day at Central Park in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Visitors will not be allowed to enter parks with any plastic items or bags. The step has been taken to protect the environment of the parks. Besides throwing away packets inside parks, it is also often seen that people dump plastic bags and other items in the waterbodies inside the parks, which in turn cause damage to the animals and plants in the water.

The Forest Department would also urge the stalls situated near the parks not to sell items in plastic packets to the people.

Extensive awareness campaigns would also be carried out by the department against the use of plastic items, which disrupt the ecological balance. Through these campaigns, the ill-effects of plastic items would be explained.

The State Government is already doing a lot to reduce the harm caused by plastics. It has taken steps to reduce pollution caused by plastics and polythene bags by cleaning drains and water bodies at regular intervals.

Source: Millennium Post