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June 28, 2018

Bengal Govt to create madur hub in Kharagpur

Bengal Govt to create madur hub in Kharagpur

The Bengal Government has decided to create a hub for the madur (traditional mat of Bengal) in Kharagpur in the district of Purba Medinipur. It will be located at Vidyasagar Industrial Park. Rs 6 crore has been set aside for it.

Kharagpur subdivision is specially known for madur. In fact, more than half of the madurs sold in the country come from Sabang block in the subdivision, where every other family is engaged in this craft.

Sabang is the heart of the madur-making industry. Two Karmatirthas have also been set up in Ruinan and Jhikuria in the block where madur-weavers from across the block would be brought to create a permanent market.

Source: News18 Bengali