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June 6, 2018

People are yearning for a change in government at the Centre: Abhishek Banerjee

People are yearning for a change in government at the Centre: Abhishek Banerjee

In the interest of the common people, All India Trinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee today led a protest march against the irrational fuel price hike.

The march started from the 8B Bus Stand in Jadavpur and culminate at Hazra Crossing. Lakhs for party workers and supporters walked with Abhishek Banerjee to register their protest against the anti-people policies of the Centre.

At the end of the protest march, Abhishek Banerjee addressed the gathered crowd at Hazra, where he slammed the BJP. He said that people are yearning for a change in government at the Centre.

Highlights of Abhishek’s speech:

  • Today’s protest march was historic. I thank all my party workers and supporters for turning up in large numbers in such a short time.
  • I salute everyone who braved the heat today and walked more than 6 km chanting “Trinamool Zindabad”. People have decided to throw the BJP out of power at Centre in 2019. The turnout today is like a mini 21 July rally.
  • In 1992, Mamata Banerjee had sounded the ‘death knell’ for CPI(M). Today we pledge that we will uproot the anti-people BJP Government at Centre.
  • We have organised several rallies and protests on the issue of fuel price hike. We have organised a protest march on May 28 from Raja Subodh Mullick Square till Park Street. On May 30, we had organised a sit-in demonstration.
  • They have hiked the price of LPG cylinders by Rs 48 at one go. On one hand they talk of ‘Ujjwala’ scheme and on the other, they are increasing the prices of fuel. Price of cooking gas has increased from Rs 400 to Rs 1100 now. Prices of petrol, diesel, and even rail tickets are on the rise.
  • Prices of essential items are rising. People are suffering while Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya are enjoying abroad. They have even sold out the Red Fort to Dalmia group.
  • Trinamool Youth Congress will organise protests in every district of Bengal on June 8 from 2-4 PM. We will continue to fight for the people.
  • This mike is our weapon. We don’t organise armed rallies. We are not ‘atheists’ like the CPI(M), neither do we use religion for political gains like the BJP. We talk of development, not divisive politics. In 2019, a secular government will be formed at Centre.
  • The khunti pujo (initiation) happened at Karnataka. Maheshtala bypoll victory was Mahalaya. The Dashami visarjan (of BJP) will happen in 2019.
  • BJP was shown the yellow card by people in bypolls. They will be shown the red card in 2019.
  • CPI(M) and Congress have vanished from the political scene. They cannot be seen anywhere protesting against price rise. They are like those Re 1 coins – government has not declared them illegal but people are not willing to accept them.
  • They have filed many cases against me in courts. Everyone knows what the outcomes were.
  • I had said “birodhi-shunyo” (opposition-less) Purulia not “birodhi-mukto” (opposition-free) Purulia. This is absolutely acceptable in a democracy. But BJP is alleging I have instigated the death of their workers in the district. I want to remind the BJP that their senior leaders have talked about ‘Congress-Mukt’ Bharat. So, should they be blamed for the death of Congress workers in India post-2014?
  • The BJP only indulges in divisive politics. They cannot compete with us on the plank of development, that is why they want to drive a wedge between people. This is the land of struggle, peace and harmony. We will not tolerate the politics of riots in Bengal. We have to be prepared for a larger movement in the future.
  • Thanks to the anti-people policies of the Centre, people’s savings are not safe in the banks. If people keep money at home, it is branded as black money and if the money is kept in banks, BJP might take it away.
  • Our party has only one leader – Mamata Banerjee. Rest of us are all workers. The duty of the elected representatives is to work for the people.
  • We have to unite people against the divisiveness being spread in the country. Who are they to decide what we can eat or wear? As long as Mamata Banerjee is alive, they cannot saffronise Bengal in lieu of money.
  • They are making Aadhaar compulsory for everything. Poor people are being penalised for not maintaining minimum balance, while no action is being taken against people are fleeing the country after looting crores of funds. You need Aadhaar to stay in India and ‘dhaar’ (loan) to flee the country.
  • BJP has failed to fulfill its promises. They said ‘Achhe Din’ will come, they will give jobs to 2 crore people. But corruption has not ended, black money has not returned. People want a change in government at Centre.