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June 3, 2018

Sabuj Sathi – Symbol of empowerment of students in Bengal

Sabuj Sathi – Symbol of empowerment of students in Bengal

During one of her district tours in 2015, a young boy had asked West Bengal Chief Mamata Banerjee: “I study in school; you have started the Kanyashree scholarship for girls, why is there no scheme for boys?”

This had planted a seed in her head. The thought has at last led to a happy conclusion: ‘Sabuj Sathi’ – a project wherein students of classes IX to XII are given bicycles by the State Government.

This beautiful name for the project came to the Chief Minister’s mind while on her way from Darjeeling to Bagdogra Airport. The rain-drenched sylvan mountains piqued her creativity; she began penning poems for children. Thus was born the name ‘Sabuj Sathi’ – ‘Sabuj’, the word for ‘green’ or environment-friendly and ‘Sathi’ means ‘companion’, hence ‘Sabuj Sathi’ or ‘environemnt-friendly companion.’

The Chief Minister has created the logo for the project as well. It consists of a young boy running, with two spinning bicycle wheels alongside his legs. 70 lakh cycles have been distributed so far. The scheme also bagged an award for e-governance from the Centre.

For more details, visit the website for the scheme.