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June 25, 2018

Bengal tops in using MPLAD funds for transport, health, education projects

Bengal tops in using MPLAD funds for transport, health, education projects

According to a report of the Central Government, Bengal is among the best performers in using MPLAD (Member of Parliament Local Area Development) funds for developmental projects.

Eighty per cent of the total amount of funds allotted to the MPs of Bengal have been, or are in the process of being, used up in various projects.

Bengal has topped in the usage of MPLAD funds for the construction of roads, pavements and bridges. In the transport sector, 2,863 projects have been sanctioned.

In health, Bengal is number two in the usage of MPLAD funds. Already, 223 projects have been sanctioned. Till date, 117 ambulances have been presented to various Government and private organisations. Construction of new buildings and renovation of old ones are going on in 25 Government hospitals and health centres. In family planning, 34 projects have been sanctioned.

In education too, Bengal’s MPs have ensured it the number two position, with work completed for, or going on in, 570 projects. A total of 168 State Government and Government-aided schools, and 105 other educational institutions, have got new buildings and hostels or have had them renovated with money from MPLAD funds. Many of them have now got computer systems set up. Water purifiers have been put up in many schools.

About 81 per cent (34 out of 42) of Bengal’s MPs belong to Trinamool Congress, a party which firmly believes in the principles of development and governance. Developmental activities in Bengal happen all through the year.

Under the inspiring leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, serving the people has become the norm for the people’s representatives.

Source: Ei Samay