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June 29, 2018

Bengal Govt plans overhaul of unique Patuli floating market

Bengal Govt plans overhaul of unique Patuli floating market

The State Government agency, Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) has decided to overhaul the unique floating market in Patuli, adjacent to EM Bypass. A series of changes will be brought about to make the place more accessible. The market has 228 sellers sitting on 114 boats.

The market, the first of its kind in the country, similar to the floating market at Bangkok in Thailand, had started functioning in January this year.

For electricity supply, environment-friendly solar power will be taken recourse to. Solar panels will be installed. The number and arrangements of the lights will be increased too.

Sheds will be constructed for the benefit of the buyers during the monsoon season.

On the request of shoppers, the four zones – for fish, for chicken, mutton and eggs, for vegetables, fruits and flowers, and for grocery and miscellaneous items – will be rearranged so as to place the vegetable and fish zones side-by-side.

The wooden ramps set up on a platform made of sal wood, on which people travel over the surface of the water for shopping in the market, are being repaired with the onset of monsoon.

A toilet will be constructed in an area adjacent to the floating market.

A food court will be constructed on the premises of the floating market, where tea and a variety of snacks will be served at a reasonable price. The market, particularly in the evening, has also already turned into a popular adda zone for the local people.

The seating arrangement in and around the waterbody will also be enhanced, so that people can come and spend time there comfortably.

Two more fountains will be set up in the waterbody.

A waterbody located on the southern side of the floating market will be beautified too.

The Technical Appraisal Committee of KMDA is considering in detail all the proposals. As soon as it finishes that, the construction work will begin.

Source: Millennium Post

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