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June 19, 2018

Bengal Police overhauling its cyber-policing administration

Bengal Police overhauling its cyber-policing administration

The State Police wants to introduce more modern policing methods. Towards that end, it has planned to completely re-do its website as well as remodel its social media approach.

The website is being completely overhauled. The various district police administrations as well as the State’s railway police administrations will be linked to the website. All information will be updated, including important cases solved and the list of most wanted criminals.

As for social media (Facebook and Twitter especially), the plan is to regularly post updates regarding various activities and fight fake news actively. The latter is becoming increasingly important in the field of cyber-policing.

The idea is also to examine the ways Kolkata Police has successfully built up a large following on its social media accounts and implement certain relevant ideas.

Source: Ei Samay