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June 21, 2018

Mamata Banerjee attacks BJP at extended core committee meeting of Trinamool

Mamata Banerjee attacks BJP at extended core committee meeting of Trinamool

Lok Sabha elections are around the corner. Ahead of the polls that decide the fate of the country, Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee instructed party leaders and workers to increase their people’s outreach activities. She was addressing the extended core committee meeting of the party.

The Chairperson said, “You must reach out to the people. Or else there is no place for you in the party. The party will not tolerate those who are inactive.”

She said that Lok Sabha elections could happen three times from now, may be six months. They will surely be held eight months later. She asked the party workers to be ready. She took on the BJP over allegations of EVM tampering.

The Chairperson said, “The work for the revision of electoral rolls has begun. Ensure that the procedures are followed. It is the BJP’s habit to tamper EVMs. Our party workers must be alert and monitor them.”

She also slammed the BJP for their divisive politics. Mamata Banerjee said, “We are not a militant organisation like the BJP. They are creating fights not only among Christians, Muslims but also among Hindus.”

“They are threatening to carry out encounters. Just because they are in power in Delhi, they are talking about hurling bombs. I dare them to come and touch us. We will show them their place.”

“The CPM is falling at the feet of the BJP and clutching at their straws to stay afloat…Congress is opposing BJP in Delhi and holding hands here. Where are the rules, the principles of the Congress? CPM, Congress, Maoists and BJP… they are the darkest underbelly of society,” the Trinamool chief said.

Suggesting a nexus between the parties, she added, “Four heads have come together. They are looting money, stealing it, and lighting fires”.

She also warned party workers against infighting and complacency. The Chairperson said, “We have formed the party after years of struggle. We have come to power because of people’s support. If someone thinks they are bigger than the party, the doors are open for them to leave. Only Mamata Banerjee will work, this cannot be the way.”

She also asked district-level leadership to take up programmes in the run up to 21 July rally. Mamata Banerjee also asked the party to step-up the protests against rising fuel prices.