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June 16, 2018

Special Jamai Shasthi fare for Kolkatans

Special Jamai Shasthi fare for Kolkatans

State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) is introducing a plethora of mouth-watering dishes on June 16 to mark the occasion of Jamai Shasthi, which falls on June 19.

To satiate the taste buds of the jamais, the SFDC restaurant at Nalban Food Park will have fish items like ilish biryani, ilish maach bhapa, items made of chapila fish, doi katla, chingri maacher malaiakari, mourola fish, etc.

The surprise item will be boroli fish, a fish from north Bengal that SFDC has begun cultivating in south Bengal since March this year. The restaurant will also have a bucket of fruits like mango, jackfruit, litchi, etc. included in the package along with other ingredients, with which the mother-in-law offers her blessings to her son- in-law (jamai).

Other traditional Bengali items like rice, moong dal, alu posto, posto bora, etc. will also be there.

If somebody wants to relish the items from the comforts of their residence, that facility is also available. They can order it through SFDC’s smartphone app. If the payment for the order is done by a person over 60 years of age, there will be a 10 per cent discount too.

This special delivery service of SFDC will be available from June 16 to 24. The package, depending on the items, will range from Rs 299 to Rs 599. The app-based packages though will not have the items with which the mother-in-law blesses her son-in-law.

The Rs 299 package will have rice, dal, alu bhaja, vegetable curry, two types of fish, chatni, papad, sweet curd and sweets. The Rs 399 package will have three varieties of fish, the Rs 499 package, four and the Rs 599 package, five. The other items will remain the same.

According to the managing director of SFDC, nowadays, many people do not have much time. Hence, a complete package under one roof or through one ‘smart’ order will have many takers.

Source: Millennium Post

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