Rajya Sabha

November 28, 2019

MD Nadimul Haque asks a Question on Anganwadi workers

MD Nadimul Haque asks a Question on Anganwadi workers


Will the Minister of WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT be pleased to state: 

(a) whether the Anganwadi workers across the country are facing financial distress due to low wages; 

(b) if so, what steps the Ministry is taking to address this issue; 

(c) whether workers are provided with pension or ESI cards; and 

(d) if not, whether the Ministry has plans to implement such provisions?


Sir, Anganwadi health workers have been demanding recognition as permanent workers and government pension for a long time now. That is invaluable for providing education to children from weak, socio-economic backgrounds, and shouldering huge burdens.

So my question is, what does the Government think, is it fair to not provide pension and ESI benefits despite the critical services they provide?  


Sir, today Anganwadi workers work on meager honorariums, which are not given on time. The government promised an increase in budgetary allocation for Anganwadi services but the 2019-20 budget has not allocated funds to this crucial service. The government must ensure that honorariums are paid on time.