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November 11, 2019

State Govt to ensure better waste management

State Govt to ensure better waste management

More than 90 per cent of the 102 dumping grounds in the States have filled up. As a solution, the State Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Department, in collaboration with West Bengal Pollution Control Board, has decided to break down the mounds by segregating the waste and reusing them as much as possible.

Waste segregation machines would separate the different types of waste, like biodegradable waste, reusable plastics, metal waste, electronic waste (e-waste), etc.

The biodegradable waste material would be used to make fertilisers and generate electricity. The reusable plastic materials would be suitably processed. Metals, e-waste and other non-biodegradable waste materials would be processed separately as well.

To prevent such mounds of mixed waste from forming in the future, waste would be collected separately. This would make processing easier. In this respect, the State Government has decided to make eight cities into model cities and at least three gram panchayats in each district into model gram panchayats.

The government has also decided to be very strict about not allowing waste to be burnt as that causes a lot of air pollution, leading to health problems as well.