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November 30, 2019

Bangla’s potatoes to be exported

Bangla’s potatoes to be exported

Potatoes produced in Bangla will now be available in other countries. The State Government has decided to export excess potatoes produced here. The State Agriculture Department has also identified 1000 hectares of land for potato cultivation, solely for the purpose of export. The ‘export zone’ was finalised after soil testing in government laboratory.

Every year 90 lakh to 1.2 crore metric tonnes (MT) of potatoes are produced in Bangla. The amount of potatoes produced in Hooghly alone is around 30 lakh metric tonnes. Each year, about 30-45 lakh metric tonnes potatoes remain in excess after fulfilling the demand of the people of the state.

With the active support of agronomists, the best land suitable for potato cultivation was identified at Hooghly. Various agricultural cooperatives distributed seeds, organic fertilisers etc among farmers. Farmers have also been trained.