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November 5, 2019

We want to make Bangla a hub of education: Didi

We want to make Bangla a hub of education: Didi

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today met college and university teachers at the Netaji Indoor Stadium. She gave a speech during which she spoke about the various measures the State Government has taken for the betterment of teachers.

Highlights of her speech:

The scientific, philosophical and educational ideas of Bengal are the pride of the world. It is because of the teachers of the State that students from here are going to Harvard and other places.

In eight-and-a-half years, 50 colleges have been established in Bangla.

One lakh teachers have been recruited.

The maximum age of recruitment and retirement age of teachers have been increased.

The salaries of primary teachers and para-teachers have been increased.

We have started the system of e-pension.

Teachers have been included in the Swasthya Sathi Scheme.

Rate of enrolment in higher education has increased.

LTC (leave travel concession) would be introduced for college teachers.

We want to make Bangla a hub of education.

While in opposition, we never said anything that was not possible for the government to do.

The Central Government has the Reserve Bank at its disposal, so it prints money whenever it wants to. But our resources are limited.

I never say anything during elections that I won’t be able to do in the future. I fulfil my promises as that is the basis of my credibility.

Our revenue per year has increased to Rs 90,000 crore, but of that we have to spend Rs 50,000 crore per year to service our debts.

The Centre has stopped funding several projects including Sarva Shiksha Mission.

Both the Central Government and the State Government are elected by the people, so don’t let anyone fool you into believing anything and everything

Our government depends on our teachers, so we won’t do anything to harm you and won’t interfere in your work; we only want your good

Our Maa-Mati-Manush Government would continue to remain strong, but not through instigating riots, creating communal divides, closing down banks or trying to change history.

Today there is nothing called privacy. Many states have set limits on the amount of money they can withdraw. Many banks have been merged, many have been closed down. The economic crisis is deepening. Now even in banks people’s money is not safe. Therefore be very careful about your money. Our fight is for the survival of people, for their development and security.