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November 15, 2019

Films at rates affordable for all

Films at rates affordable for all

In order to enable many more people to enjoy good films in a theatre, the State Government-owned Chalachchitra Satabarsha Bhaban in Tollygunge has started shows at affordable rates of Rs 30 and Rs 50 (when multiplex shows at Rs 200 or higher are not an affordable option for many). The hall has capacity for seating 157 people.

This complex is located beside MR Bangur Hospital, at the site that once housed Radha Studio. The complex also has a separate division for film preservation.

There would be three shows from 2 PM. From 10 AM to 2 PM, the hall would function as a preview theatre, where previews of films would be held.

Films in three formats can be shown here – DCP (digital cinema package, the current popular format), film and DVD.

For showing from films, a projector for projecting 35mm films has been set up. Many old films which have not been digitised can be shown using this and hence, this arrangement would help many students and scholars of cinema. The DVD format would help new filmmakers to show their work as converting to DCP format is costly.