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November 11, 2019

Didi promises Guru Nanak memorial bhavan in Kolkata

Didi promises Guru Nanak memorial bhavan in Kolkata

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today attended the 550th Parkash Parab Utsav celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Kolkata. While highlighting the teachings of the leading Sant, she announced a Punjab bhavan in his name. Here are the details of what she said:

I thank my Sikh brothers and sisters for giving me the opportunity to attend this auspicious occasion. I would like to convey my greetings to all Sikh brethren not just in the State but in the country and the world as well on this landmark celebration.

Guru Nanak Ji was not just the leader of one religion, but a world leader as well who had no feelings of divisiveness. We still follow the thoughts and ideals that he had expressed so many years ago. He was considered a guru for Hindus and a peer for Muslims.

Guru Nanak Ji took everyone along with him on the path of peace, unity and in upholding the country’s traditions, and this has become the main goal of our lives. It will never become old, nor will it go away. As the years go by, this tradition will become stronger.

The Punjab Chief Minister had also invited me to attend the celebrations there, but the communication came in a bit late, and as you know, a cyclone hit the southern districts of the State and I could not go. A lot of losses have occurred, with about 1.75 lakh people requiring assistance. The measures taken by the administration restricted the death toll. I had gone there today to work for the relief of the people.

Guru Nanak Ji too always worked for the relief of people suffering as well as for their betterment. Even today, his blessings continue to work for the people and those affected by the cyclone.

On this landmark completion of 550 years, I would like to do something in his name. Please tell me what can be done that will help the community. Firhad Hakim (mayor) and Anuj Sharma (police commissioner) are here with me now….Bacchan Singh Saral (editor?) just told me that a bhavan is required. Alright, though vacant land is scarce, we will try to build a nice bhavan in Guru Nanak Ji’s memory near Ruby Hospital. I will tell Firhad hakim to work out the details so that the hand-over can take place in this year itself.

We are there to help you, as you are there to help us. This is one of the basis of Guru Nanak Ji’s teachings. Continue to be good, and do good as he would have wanted us to do.