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November 26, 2019

Bangla Govt prepares draft policy for knowledge-based industry

Bangla Govt prepares draft policy for knowledge-based industry

Bangla is a land of rich heritage and diversity. From the Rosogolla to Joynagarer Moya, madur and patachitra – several handicrafts and food items in the State have received the GI tag. Intellectual property rights of several commodities are also with the State.

In order to harness these for attracting investment, the State Science and Technology Department has prepared a draft policy for knowledge-based industry. The policy, which was unveiled by the science and technology minister, outlines the help State Government can provide for obtaining patent and GI tag for new research ideas and products.

The policy also outlines that

State Government will provide assistance for attracting investment.

Help will also be provided to start-ups to market their technology and products.

Incentives will also be provided. Twenty per cent subsidy will be provided on capital investment.

If a business is set up on lease or rent, state will provide Rs 5 per square feet or 25 per cent of original rent as subsidy for 3 years.

State Government will provide up to Rs 2 lakh to startups who want to patent their idea/product