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November 17, 2019

Rosogollas & pantuas to cater to global market

Rosogollas & pantuas to cater to global market

The State Government will soon start producing famous sweetmeats of Bangla like rosogolla and pantua and the products will hit the market under the Mother Dairy brand. The State Animal Resources Development (ARD) Department is collaborating with the Food Technology Department of Jadavpur University to make the products popular globally.

Bengali sweets are popular in many Western countries but because of low shelf life they cannot be marketed internationally. The collaboration between the government and Jadavpur University will solve this problem by researching new ways of preserving food.

Testing batches of both rosogolla and pantua have been produced and now attempts are being made to improve their quality. Machines have been installed at the Mother Dairy plant to produce the sweetmeats.

These delicacies will be available in packets of two, five or 10 pieces. Each piece will cost Rs 10 and the packaging will be made attractive to woo customers.

Source: Millennium Post