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November 24, 2019

KMC introduces drone to aid anti-dengue drive

KMC introduces drone to aid anti-dengue drive

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has started using an advanced drone technology for capturing footage, collecting water samples for test and spraying larvicide to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

There are vacant lands, abandoned factories and locked houses that cannot be accessed by KMC teams involved in vector control. This modern drone technology will be used for drives in these areas.

The drone will be able to capture footage of the place, pick accumulated water samples so that it can be examined and accordingly larvicide will be spread for destroying mosquito larvae.

The drone has been named Vinash and it will be capable of flying at a height of 200 feet above the ground. The demonstration was carried out at the roof of the KMC building in S N Banerjee Road and larvicide was spread on the roof of the Futnani Chamber building just opposite KMC.

Vinash is fitted with four nozzles and will be used to destroy larvae in canals, ponds and other waterbodies. It can fly for 10 minutes, during which it can empty 16 litres of larvicide.

It may be mentioned, The state Health department has disbursed a fund of nearly Rs 9 lakh to various hospitals and medical colleges across to State to conduct anti-dengue drives and maintain cleanliness in and around the premises.