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November 15, 2019

Bangla excels in child health

Bangla excels in child health

The Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey, conducted by the Central Government in collaboration with UNICEF, whose report was released recently, has shown that Bangla is ahead of many States on certain aspects of child nutrition, like stunted growth and underweight children. In some cases, the State’s performance is also better than the national average.

The study was conducted to collect a set of data on the nutritional status of children of 0 to 19 years.

The findings, when compared to previous data from studies conducted by the Union Health Ministry, revealed that Bangla had recorded a sharp drop in the number of children below five years with stunted growth, in the percentage of under-five underweight children, and vitamin A and iron deficiency.

The rate of decline of stunted growth in Bangla was 19.3 per cent in the period 2005-18, as against 13.3 per cent nationally. Prevalence of iron deficiency was found below 22 per cent, while Punjab and Gujarat topped the chart.

The State Women & Child Development and Social Welfare Minister said the survey shows that the Trinamool Congress Government’s sustained efforts in providing the right nutrition to children at the grassroots level are bearing fruit. New techniques are being adopted to improve the overall nutrition profile of Bangla.