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November 2, 2019

We want everyone to live in peace – in unity, like brothers and sisters: Mamata Banerjee

We want everyone to live in peace – in unity, like brothers and sisters: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today presided over a programme on the occasion of Chhath Pujo.

Highlights of her speech:

A few days after Diwali comes Jagaddhatri Puja. And in between, we have Chhath Pujo. Festivals are meant to be celebrated by one and all – we don’t differentiate on that.

Bangla’s urban and semi-urban areas, like Kolkata, are cosmopolitan areas, where we live in peace and respect each other’s festivals, taking part in them wholeheartedly.

Festivals take place all through the year. Even a Vigyan Mela is a festival, a film fest is also a festival. They are not just about religion. I go to whichever place Maa (Holy Mother) is worshipped from the heart.

We try to solve traders’ problems every time they ask for help. Our govt has ensured there are enough police stations and fire stations in Burrabazar.

After demonetisation, I came to see how the traders were doing. The economy is in a bad state now. I would pray to Maa Jagaddhatri that everything becomes normal and the situation improves.

I am very sad that five people from Bangla were killed mercilessly in Kashmir. Some BJP leaders have taken it lightly and even insulted them, saying they are labourers, not Bengalis. This is incredible. What is wrong in accepting the truth? This is how they set up fights between Bengalis and non-Bengalis

Workers from our state have been killed even in Gujarat and Rajasthan, and I have helped their families. One who goes to work in Kashmir is very much an Indian. People from all across India, including from Kashmir, come to work here. They can work in any place in the country, for that matter.

We don’t make distinctions among people of different religions. Be it food, culture or anything – everyone has the right to follow their beliefs.

What is happening is deplorable. NRC is a detrimental decision. Even if you say that you want to throw out non-Indian Muslims, you have excluded in NRC’s list people from Bihar, Assam. Gurkhas and Bengalis as well are left out.

Look at other States, where so many lynchings are taking place. It is much better here in Bangla. We want everyone to live in peace – in unity, like brothers and sisters.

I ensure that people get enough holidays. I personally make the official list of Government holidays, so that everyone has enough time to celebrate. There are 11 days of holidays for Durga Puja next year.

I wish Chhath Pujo goes off well for everyone. We have made five to six ghats ready for Chhath Pujo. We will ensure that the river is cleaned after the pujo.

Regarding immersion, the Central Government too should consider the sentiments of crores of people.

I have heeded the (Green Bench) orders and made alternative arrangements for pujos – at the same time ensuring that people are not hassled.

Jai Hind, Jai Bangla, Jai Maa Jagaddhatri.