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November 7, 2019

Bangla Govt to promote maize cultivation to boost industry

Bangla Govt to promote maize cultivation to boost industry

Maize has a lot of commercial potential. Considering this fact, the Bangla Government has decided to raise its cultivation from the current 15 lakh metric tonnes (MT) per year to 20 lakh MT in two years’ time.

Maize is an important component of poultry feed, in food processing and for making biofuels. Maize is also used to make the shell of capsules, starch (which improves the quality of cloth and makes paper stronger) and as part of the food processing industry (for making sauce, gravy, pudding, pies, etc.).

The current production itself has much improved with respect to 2011, when the Trinamool Congress Government came to power. From 3 lakh MT per annum it has risen to 15 lakh MT.

The further stress on improving maize production comes after the State Government won the Krishi Karman Award this year for improvement in maize production in the country. This award has proved the big potential that Bangla has to become one of the biggest producers of the crop in the country.

Source: Ei Samay