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November 21, 2019

All Party Meeting should be called: Didi on Disinvestment

All Party Meeting should be called: Didi on Disinvestment

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today told the media the demonetisation and creation of cashless economy without proper infrastructure has led to the stumbling of the nation’s economy.

10 important points from her interaction today:

1. Cashless Society not possible in India

2. I have no problem regarding digital operations post demonetisation

3. People do not have money in hand. Buying power has decreased. If there is no money, how will agriculture survive?

4. There is a problem going on. Disinvestment is not a solution. 45 organisations have already been disinvested. They are telling that Rs 1.80 Lakh Crore will be obtained by disinvesting one company.

5. Bharat Petroleum will be shut down.

6. Disinvestment, being done a number of times, is not good for the country. This will lead to a catastrophe. In the future, the whole country will be disinvested. So it is not a permanent solution.

7. There are some sectors where disinvestment may cause a problem with security – defence, Air India, Indian Railways

8. This should be solved through discussions.

9. If everything is sold out, what will be there in control of the Centre? This should be seriously thought upon. This is a serious situation.

10. The Prime Minister should talk to experts. All party meeting should be called.