Rajya Sabha

November 27, 2019

Manas Bhunia speaks about GST compensation due to the States

Manas Bhunia speaks about GST compensation due to the States


Sir, I am grateful that you have allowed me to speak in the Zero Hour.

Sir, this is a very serious situation arising due to non-mopping up of the GST, CGST and IGST by the Union Government. As a result, the State Governments have been suffering a lot economically.

Sir, the proposed mopping up of the GST in the tune of Rs 1 lakh crore was proposed but in the month of October it was mopped up in the tune of Rs 95,000 crore, lagging behind Rs 5,000 crore this month. As a result our state West Bengal is suffering a lot. For the last two months it is not receiving the share of compensation of the GST to the state.
The “One Nation, One Tax ” GST was pronounced with a high voice in our country by abolishing all the taxes, which are under the jurisdiction of the state governments. In a federal structure everyone appreciated GST but we cautioned that the hasty implementation will create a turbulent economic situation, which will affect the economic structure in the federal system. And that has happened. As a result, the development, the allocation and the implementation of the different projects of our State, and I hope it is a witnessing point of all the States of our country. Non-mopping up of the proposed GST is a serious concern.

So through you, I shall urge upon the Hon’ble Finance Minister and the GST Council that kindly come up and explain in the ongoing session of the Parliament, particularly in the Rajya Sabha, and give a statement what is the real state of situation in GST, IGST and CGST. After the implementation of GST, State Government is completely helpless and it is not getting any financial taxes, which will be utilised by the State Government for its development purpose.

So Sir, I request you to kindly look into this matter and pass a message from your Chair to the Finance Minister. Please come out with a statement, what is the state of affairs at present?