Rajya Sabha

November 21, 2019

Manas Bhunia asks Supplementary Question on Chandrayaan Mission

Manas Bhunia asks Supplementary Question on Chandrayaan Mission


Will the PRIME MINISTER be pleased to state:

(a) whether Government had taken a step to launch Chandrayaan for a special mission to moon, if so, the details of the plan;

(b) what was the position; and

(c) what problems made the plan and mission incomplete and unsuccessful?

First Supplementary Question

First of all, Sir, through you, all of us should congratulate the space scientists of ISRO for the Chandrayaan 2 Mission.

Sir, I have thoroughly studied the answer of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and my only submission, through you – I am not going to ask any harsh question because it’s a scientific issue – my only submission is, why did this Mission has fail?

Second Supplementary Question

Sir, we watched on the television that Hon’ble Prime Minister was also present at the great occasion to celebrate the launching. Sir, Vikram hard landed and some difficulties in scientific process were witnessed. But what about the Orbiter? Is it functioning properly to send all the scientific messages, information, photographs, which will give us the benefit to the future plan and future landing?