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March 5, 2014

WB Govt to launch integrated financial management system from April

WB Govt to launch integrated financial management system from April

The State Finance Department has introduced the integrated financial management system (IFMS) for online management, monitoring and control of all fund allocations and financial transactions in the different government departments. The system will be implemented in a phased manner within one and half years with effect from April 1.

 This will be a centralized system with all servers located at the state data centre. The government was considering restructuring the existing system of fund allocation to the administrative departments and drawing and disbursing officers to ensure transparency, accuracy and efficiency in fund and financial management. The new system will include E-Bantan (e-allocation of funds), E-billing, E-receipt, a centralized treasury system and human resource management system. All government departments have been asked to have their master data base by March 15 so that allotment of funds could be made online.

Earlier, the government had introduced computerized central clearing system (CCCS) in the Finance Department for speedy disposal of important government files to different departments concerned in and outside. Several other projects related to e-governance are now used by the government, resulting in systematic and fast work process.