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March 19, 2014

Trinamool Chief slams Congress for betraying coalition dharma in Malda

Trinamool Chief slams Congress for betraying coalition dharma in Malda

Trinamool Chairperson today came down heavily on the Congress for betraying the coalition dharma in the districts of Malda and Murshidabad in the 2011 Assembly elections. She said that while Trinamool supported Congress candidates, the Congress put up Independents against Trinamool. She said Congress will have to answer people in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. She also slammed the BJP for communal politics and CPI(M) for destroying the economy of West Bengal. The Chairperson added that despite all roadblocks, Bengal was experiencing a high tide of development.

Transcript of the speech of the Chairperson`s speech:


 I welcome you all. We are holding these worker`s meetings late because of the ongoing Higher Secondary exams.  We do not wish to disturb the students who are our future.


 I have come to Malda a number of times. This time the fight is a lot different. Trinamool Congress is fighting alone because we have the common people with us. We want a coalition of people beside us. This is a tough fight. On one side, there is the fight for development of Bengal. On the other hand there is the fight against communalism. Congress cannot fight this war, nor can CPI(M).


During the 2011 Assembly polls, we had a coalition. We helped Congress candidates. But in return, the Congress had put up independent candidates so that Trinamool candidates lose the elections in this district. Those who had betrayed us at that time will have to pay for their sins now. The Congress MPs from this district campaigned for the independent candidates. I kept quiet at that time for the sake of the coalition. But I was ashamed and pained. The same thing happened in Murshidabad and Uttar Dinajpur.


Our fight is against CPI(M), BJP and Congress. When we were in the UPA, we protested against all the issues that went against our manifesto – from FDI to rising prices of LPG, fertilizers and essential commodities. When UPA`s policies went against the people, we quit the alliance. We do not betray the people.


We will not let anyone divide Bengal. There is no difference between the plains and the Hills. Leaders sitting in Delhi must remember that. Congress-BJP formed an unholy nexus to divide Andhra against the wish of the State. Who are they to decide the fate of a State? The state must decide what to do.


I celebrate festivals of all religions throughout the year. For us it is a matter of faith, not a seasonal activity before polls. Some parties appease religious communities just before elections.  Congress does not have the right to seek minority votes. We have worked for the development of minorities according to the recommendations made by the Sachar Committee.

Some people are jealous because Bengal is progressing. The Centre takes away Rs 40000 crores as taxes but gives back only a part of it as central funds. The Centre has taken away Rs 74000 crores as repayment of the debt incurred by the Left. How will the State run? No other Govt could have run the State even after such a huge sum of money is taken away by the Centre. But we are doing it confidently with the blessings of the people.  We do not need Central grants, just do not take our taxes. We will survive on our own revenues; we could have created employment opportunities for 20 lakh people with that money.


CPI(M) distributed only 10000 pattas in two years. We distributed 2 lakh pattas in two and a half years. There is a high tide of development in Bengal in all sectors. After Independence only 38 colleges were set up in Bengal. We have set up 31 Govt colleges in just two and a half years. 14 colleges have been set up in the PPP model. The first Women`s University at Diamond Harbour will begin functioning from 2014-15 academic year. We have set up 6 Govt Universities and 4 private Universities in the State in two and a half years. 3.2 crore people in Bengal get rice at Rs 2/kilo every month. We had set a target of creating 50000 ponds in 5 years. We have already created over one lakh ponds in two and a half years.


I never lie to people. I do not make promises that I cannot keep.  Trinamool will emerge as the third largest party after Lok Sabha polls. We will play a decisive role in the next Govt formation. Trinamool will show the way for India`s progress and development. BJP means communalism. CPI(M) means destruction. Congress is anti-people and corrupt. Give us a chance to serve you in the Lok Sabha polls, we will bring in a tide of development in Malda.


Our candidates in Malda are Dr. Moazzem Hossain and Soumitra Roy. Barkat Ghani Khan worked a lot for people. Some people are benefiting from his legacy. I appeal to you to bless us with your votes. If we win, we will work for you all the year round. I will again come to Malda once the HS examination ends. You have to ensure Trinamool wins a decisive mandate in Malda.


 Malda ebar Trinamool, Murshidabad eo joraphool.

Jai Hind. Thank you all.