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March 14, 2014

Seven years on, Trinamool remembers Nandigram martyrs

Seven years on, Trinamool remembers Nandigram martyrs

The struggle of Nadigram has created history. March 14 will go down in the pages of history for both ugly and inspiring reasons. Ugly because the blood-bath at Nandigram has been a gory face of state repression and the disturbing sign of the discontent, distress and threat to democracy created by the neo-liberal and land grab policy of the state. We can never forget the killing of innocent men, women and children who were protesting against the land grab in Nandigram on March 14, 2007.

Inspiring because of the grit, determination and fighting spirit of the common people of Nandigram who became martyrs to protect Nandigram from destruction and displacement. Despite all the fear created, despite the missing persons list increasing in the area, despite facing bullets again and again, people of Nadigram put up a great fight to save their culture, livelihood and environment.

Farmers, dalits, adivasis and women across India have been putting a brave front to oppose such development paradigm which is only leading to displacement, destruction, degradation and threatening vast rural, agricultural and forest communities. Many have given their lives for this cause not only in West Bengal but in other parts of India.

Trinamool Family salutes all those martyrs who have led down their lives for the sake of their land. We bow to the Ma, Mati, Manush.