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March 19, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson calls for change at the Centre while addressing party workers at Itahar

Trinamool Chairperson calls for change at the Centre while addressing party workers at Itahar

Trinamool Chairperson continued addressing party workers` conventions across the State after kicking off her poll campaign at Pailan on March 18. Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed party workers at Itahar in North Dinajpur earlier today where she called for change at Centre. She also slammed the communal politics of the BJP and said appeasement and religious politics should be shunned. The Chairperson also raised the slogan “Bengal steers the way for India. Bengal will lead the future of India“.

Transcript of the Chairperson`s speech:


My dear brothers and sisters, I welcome you all.

Let me introduce to you our two candidates Satyaranjan Das Munshi from Raiganj and Arpita Ghosh from Balurghat. Please ensure that we win these two seats.


I am holding these workers` conventions in the evening because the Higher Secondary exams are going on. I try not to disturb anybody, even those who are returning home after exams. So the meetings are held so late.


Whenever we call for a workers` meeting, it becomes a mass gathering. There are no restrictions in our meetings, unlike other political parties. This is because we feel that common people are our assets and our strength. Tomorrow I will be in Murshidabad and then I will go to Nadia and North 24 Parganas day after tomorrow.


Be it Hindus, Muslims, General category or backward classes, we work for all, not just during elections. Our party is a milieu of all religions, sects and creeds. This is not the first time I am coming to this district. We are the only government to hold 54 administrative meetings across Bengal at block level. We have held such meetings at least thrice in each district. The State cannot be run from offices in Kolkata.


I know that the condition of the National Highways is bad. We have been repeatedly telling the Central Government to repair them, but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Change the Government at the Centre if you want better roads.  I celebrate Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas and Guru Parab with the same fervour. There are parties which seek vote on the basis of religion. We don`t appease any religious communities during the time of elections.


CPI(M) has destroyed Bengal in the 34 years of its misrule. We are paying for the debts incurred by them. The Centre is taking away all the money. They are jealous. They keep agitating for setting up AIIMS in Raiganj. Why was it not done in the past? Who stopped them? We are against forcible land acquisition; let the Central Govt acquire land and build AIIMS. We kept our promise; we are setting up a medical college and a multi super speciality hospital in Raiganj.


We are taking steps to set up an airport in Balurghat. We have already launched chopper services. We have renovated the local spinning mill and rehabilitated the workers. We have started a Biswa Bangla store that will showcase Bengal`s handicrafts and local delicacies.  We have revived the jute industry and protested when Centre reduced the jute usage by almost half. We now have a jute policy and a textile policy.


We are fighting against the CPI(M)-Congress-BJP. They are all together like a syndicate. The prices of cooking gas, fertilisers, petrol, diesel are rising. People are suffering because of UPA policies. Today BJP is criticising the Congress. What were they doing as Opposition party when prices of essential commodities were rising? BJP supported the UPA on the Telangana issue. The Congress and the BJP had a secret pact in Parliament during the passage of Telangana Bill. We will not allow any such plans in Bengal. We cannot allow the division of our State for petty politics.


We bow our head only to people. We do not need coalitions. The support of the people multiplies our strength many times over. As soon as elections approach, Congress sings paeans for Muslims and BJP appeases the Hindus. We have excelled by giving 2 laakh pattas, by starting Kanyashree, by giving rice at Rs 2 per month to 3.2 crore people.


The Centre has even stopped funds for the 100 days work scheme and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. The Centre takes away Rs 40,000 crore as taxes and gives back only Rs 10-15,000 crore for various projects. We do not need their grants; if they stop taking away our taxes, we will manage on our own.


We have started 80 fast-track courts, 19 human rights courts and 26 all women police stations. North Bengal had been neglected for a long time. We have given a separate Secretariat to the people of North Bengal. I want people to be happy. We had annopunced projects for North Bengal when we were in the Rail Ministry and when we left the Ministry, the projects were stalled.


Yes, we were part of the NDA for one year. But when their policies were anti-people, we quit the alliance. We left UPA after the prices of essential items were increased. We maintain transparency. What we say before elections, we follow it post polls; no other party does this. The BJP helps the Left in winning elections in Balurghat by fuelling communal tensions.


Trinamool fights a battle for the people, with the people and of the people. We will play an important role in the formation of the next Central Govt. We do not have money power. We want electoral reforms. There must be state-funded elections in India. We will fight for this.


We have to fight against the destructive politics of CPI(M), communal politics of BJP and corrupt policies of Congress. Shower your blessings on the Trinamool candidates in Raiganj and Balurghat. Bengal steers the way for India. Bengal will lead the future of India. After HS examination ends on 28th March, begin your election campaign in full swing.


Cast your votes early in the day. You alone must have your say. Cast your votes in favour of ghasphool. Cast your vote for Trinamool. Vote for communal harmony. Vote for development. Vote for pro-people policies.


Thank you all.