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March 21, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson asks people to vote for change at Centre at a meeting in Nadia

Trinamool Chairperson asks people to vote for change at Centre at a meeting in Nadia

The Trinamool Chairperson today addressed a meeting at Krishnanagar in Nadia district where she urged voters to annihilate the Congress, BJP and the Left parties which have formed an “unholy nexus”. She also condemned the murder of a party worker in Nadia and asked the district leaders to organise protest rallies once the Higher Secondary examination gets over.

The Trinamool Congress Chairperson slammed the erstwhile Left Front government in the state for burdening Bengal with huge debts for which the central government has taken away Rs.74,000 crore towards servicing the debts in the last two and half years.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


My dear brothers and sisters, I welcome you all.

The politics of murder and violence will not be tolerated in Bengal. Right now we all have to work together as a team, not as a part of the different units. Women are the assets of Trinamool. Their increased involvement in politics is a sign of progress. We have given 27% seats to women in the Lok Sabha polls. Women have 50% reservation in Panchayat.

We are setting up 34 multi super-specialty hospitals in the State. The number of medical seats in Bengal has been hiked from 1350 to 2700. We have set up 4 new medical colleges in the State and opened fair price medicine shops in Bengal, where you can get up to 60% discount on medicines. We are setting up a mother and child care hospital in Nadia.

We have launched the Kanyashree scheme. Our target for the year was targeting 16 lakh girls. Already 9 lakh girls have been enrolled. We are setting up a Industrial Growth Centre in Kalyani. We are in the process of setting up ITIs and polytechnic colleges in every block.

Only 38 Govt colleges were opened in Bengal after Independence till 2011. We set up 31 colleges in the last two and a half years. The Left Front opened only 6 SNCUs during its tenure. We have set up 36 SNCUs in the last two and a half years. How many pattas did the Left distribute in 2009-11? Only 10000. How many did we distribute in last 2.5 years? Over one lakh. We have distributed 28 lakh Kisan Credit cards, over 2 lakh only in Nadia alone.

The Centre has not been releasing the funds for 100 days work. They are taking away Rs 74000 crore for debt repayment. The Centre only creates projects in the name of members of a family, but does not give us funds. I request the Centre to stop taking Rs 40000 crores as taxes. And we will not require your funds.

The CPI(M) incurs debt, but we have to pay for their sins. The Congress is in collusion with the Left. Our revenue collection is increasing every year, but the Centre takes away a lion`s share for debt repayment. How will we work? The way we work for the people in spite of financial hardships, no other Govt can do that.

People are our assets. They are our strength. We cannot go against the people. The manifesto reflects the ideology of a party. We can`t go against our manifesto, it means betraying people. We have created reservation for minorities and backward classes without touching the General seats. We have increased number of seats. Poor people have no caste or creed. We have created reservation for economically backward classes. No other party has done that.

The Congress appeases Muslims and the BJP appeases Hindus as soon as elections approach. Trinamool Congress participates in all religious activities throughout the year. Not just during poll season. We celebrate Durga Puja, Eid and Christmas with the same spirit. We do not discriminate between people. Bengal has a rich legacy of religious tolerance. Bengal teaches people to respect all faiths. We do not support riots. We will not allow any riot in Bengal.

Gujarat has received a lot of Central funds for development. Gujarat has a low population density. They have a lot of ports. Can the CM of Gujarat work for his people if the Centre takes away Rs 74000 crore? The rate of child mortality in Gujarat is 42%. National average is 46%. Bengal has 31% child mortality rate. Riots take place in Gujarat. Not in Bengal. I love the people of Gujarat.

Women could not even report crimes earlier. Diaries are not allowed. Now women are speaking up. CPM represents destructive politics, BJP is communal. The Congress is anti-people and corrupt. The Congress and BJP came together to divide Andhra against the wishes of the State. We asked for division of votes during Telangana discussion in Parliament. They did not allow. How can Congress and BJP decide between themselves what States should do? The got-up match cannot be allowed. We will never allow the division of Bengal.

Only Trinamool can counter the communal politics of BJP. Only Trinamool can expose the hypocrisy of Congress and show the world their anti-people face. The Congress hiked the prices of every essential commodity. We protested against FDI and other anti-people policies. The Centre brought down the number of subsidised LPG cylinders. We protested. Now they have retracted their decision. The Congress has hiked the prices of every commodity. The price of human life has gone down. The Congress uses blackmail strategies to ensure other parties support them. They cannot scare the Trinamool.

Bengal is the intellectual and cultural capital. Bengal is the land of renaissance in India. Stay well, stay healthy. Be prepared to fight resolutely against the syndicate of CPI(M)-Congress-BJP. We have to ensure we get maximum seats from Bengal, so that Centre can no longer afford to neglect our demands. We have to show the rest of India what Bengal is capable of. I may not have backing of media, but I have the support of people. Ensure that Trinamool wins all seats from this district.

God bless you all.