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March 12, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson wants the youth of the country to play active part in politics

Trinamool Chairperson wants the youth of the country to play active part in politics

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee Tuesday put up a strong defence against criticism that she stressed on glamour and star power while deciding the party`s list of Lok Sabha candidates, saying she wanted them to have a say in national politics.

Didi said that they had been nominated because she wanted them “to have a say in national politics”. “The new faces have been inducted to give a truly representative look to the list of candidates”.

She was talking to reporters at the NSCB Airport before leaving for Delhi where she would address a joint rally with anti-graft activist Anna Hazare at Ram Lila Ground to kickstart the campaign for Trinamool candidates.

Putting her full faith on new candidates she said, “The youths should be given opportunity in politics. No one becomes politician overnight.”

“I want more and more young people to come into politics. If the younger generation is not encouraged, then who will manage the affairs (in the country) in the future?” she asked.

Pointing out that Trinamool`s candidate list was an exercise to give representation to people from all walks of life` Ms. Banerjee said that the film and cultural personalities could pursue their respective professions while at the same time serving people as “future representatives” in Parliament.

Didi emphasised a difference between her party`s list and those of others, explaining that while “other parties do not field them (the celebrities) in seats where they have winning possibilities; we put them in winnable seats and get them elected”.

She said that this “fight is also against injustices done against West Bengal”. She was referring to the Centre`s non-acceptance of the state`s demand for restructuring the loans left behind by the previous Left Front government.