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March 21, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson slams Congress and BJP for appeasement politics at a meeting in Madhyamgram

Trinamool Chairperson slams Congress and BJP for appeasement politics at a meeting in Madhyamgram

The Trinamool Chairperson today addressed a meeting at Madhyamgram in North 24 Parganas district where she urged voters to annihilate the Congress, BJP and the Left parties which have formed an “unholy nexus”. She also slammed the Left Front for ruining economy of the State during the 34 years of rule and Congress for colluding with the Communists.

Coming down heavily on the communal ideology of the BJP, destructive politics of the Left and the anti-people policies of the Congress, the Trinamool Chairperson asked people to shower their votes on Trinamool for a change at the Centre. She also introduced the 5 candidates – Saugata Roy (Dumdum), Kapil Krishna Thakur (Bangaon), Idrish Ali (Basirhat), Dinesh Trivedi (Barrackpore), Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar (Barasat) – from North 24 Parganas during the meeting.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


Good evening my dear brothers and sisters. Thank you all for coming for the meeting from far away places and waiting for so long.

We supported the UPA. But when their policies went against the people, we decided to quit the alliance. Commitment to people is supreme. When we saw our manifesto was being violated, we quit the UPA. They hiked the prices of gas, petrol, diesel, fertilisers. We do not want the UPA to be back.

Some people are chanting NaMo NaMo. We are saying No No. We cannot tolerate the politics of riots. The Congress and the BJP have a got-up match. One does not take action against the other when in power. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Adivasis, SC/STs live together in India in harmony.

There is no place for riots in India. We cannot let the nation to be divided. ome political parties are like seasonal birds, seen only during elections. Some people appease certain religions only during elections. We celebrate Durga Puja with full faith. We do not have to learn about Hinduism from BJP.

The Congress appeases Muslims during elections. But they have hardly acted for their welfare. The CPI(M)-BJP-Congress are in collusion in Bengal. You have seen it in Panchayat elections. We were part of the NDA under Atal ji. We quit the alliance when their policies went against the people.

Saugata Da here gave 20 amendments for Telangana Bill. They did not allow division. The Bill was passed illegally. What they did with Telangana, they can do to Bengal. Centre has no right to bypass the State. If the Centre has its way, they might turn every district of Bengal into a separate State. CPI(M) will collude with them. Both Darjeeling and plains are part of Bengal. We will not tolerate any conspiracy to divide the State.

Neither BJP, nor Congress or CPI(M). This syndicate can be broken by Trinamool alone. This land is my motherland. I will not allow any conspiracy to divide this State. I love all districts equally. Bengal will lead the way for India`s future.

66 years have passed since Independence. What has the Congress done for minorities? How has the Congress countered BJP? Under whose tenure did the Babri demolition take place. We have given 57 lakh scholarships to minority students.

The CPI(M) distributed only 12,000 pattas between 2009-11. In the last two and a half years we gave away over 1 lakh pattas. Only 38 colleges were opened in Bengal in the 66 years after Independence. We set up 31 colleges in two and a half years. We have set up 8 universities in just two and a half years. An all-women university is coming up in Diamond Harbour.

We have opened fair price medicine shops. Poor people in rural areas are getting medicines for free. We have increased the bed capacity in several hospitals. We are starting 34 new multi super specialty hospitals. We are setting up 500 marketing centres where the youth can get jobs. We are setting up Kisan Bazaars in every block. We are taking steps to resolve the issues of jute mills.

We are a poor party. We do not have the resources to become the biggest party in India. But we will emerge as the third largest party. We will build Trinamool as the alternative to the Congress and BJP.

The Centre has taken away Rs 74000 crores as repayment for debts. How will the State work? The CPI(M) incurred debts and Congress is taking away funds. We are still running the State amid hardship. The Centre released Ganga water to Bangladesh from Farakka. Irrigation in the State is suffering. We have no problem in sharing water with others, but we must first meet our own needs.

Every State is different. WB and Gujarat cannot be compared. Gujarat has many ports. Bengal has only 2, but the Centre has destroyed those too. No Govt in India can work for the people despite the financial crunch we are in. School dropout rate is highest in Gujarat. Child mortality rate in Gujarat is 42% but in Bengal it is only 31%. We give rice at Rs 2 per kilo to 3.2 crore people. Jangalmahal is living in peace.

Just for the sake of winning one seat from Bengal, some outsiders are fanning separatism in Hills. I may have lost my mother, but every mother in every household in Bengal is my mother too. We will turn Bengal into Biswa Bangla. We are moving ahead in every sphere.

We want Poriborton in Delhi. We have the people by our side. We are not alone. Bengal will reclaim her position as the best in the world. India will progress, only if Bengal progresses.

I seek the blessings of my elders. I want the support of the youth. Trinamool will be with the Ma, Mati, Manush. Shower your blessings on us. Help us achieve a decisive role in the Centre.

We promised to build 17 Industrial clusters, we have created over hundred. We had promised to create 50000 ponds in five years. We have already created over a lakh ponds. We fulfill our promises. We keep our commitment to the people.

We will have to defeat the syndicate of Congress-CPI(M)-BJP. I seek the support and blessings of you all. Vote for joraphool. Vote for Trinamool.

Jai Hind.