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March 22, 2014

1000 days at a glance – Economic development and transparent administration

1000 days at a glance – Economic development and transparent administration

In the past few years, West Bengal`s public finances have undergone a significant transformation. From a state that was financially profligate, it is now showing commitment to principles of fiscal prudence. By the time the Left Front completed its long tenure in West Bengal, it had inflicted massive damage to the state`s finances. After a change of regime in 2011, the new All India Trinamool Congress led Ma, Mati, Manush Government turned around the economy of the State in 1000 days. 

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Here is a summary of our achievements in economic development and transparent administration:

  • In 2013-14 financial year, GSDP growth rate in West Bengal was 7.7%, whereas at the national level the GDP was 4.9%.
  • In 2013-14 financial year, production growth rate in agriculture and allied sector in our state was 5.28%, whereas nationally it was 4.6%.
  • In 2013-14 financial year, industrial growth rate in our state was 9.58%, whereas nationally it was 0.7%.
  • In 2013-14 financial year, growth rate in service sector in our the state was 7.8% , whereas nationally it was 6.9%.
  • We have made a record in tax collection nationally. Our aim is to augment the allocation of resources for the development of state through increase in revenues. The target of our tax collection for 2012-13 financial year was Rs 32,800 crore – which was a record 31.56% more from the previous financial year.
  • For current financial year (2013-14) too our target of tax collection is Rs 40,000 crore.
Comparative growth figures: Bengal and India
  • For the first time ever in 2014, this Dept. has prepared and published Administrative Calendar mentioning the time-limit of delivery of services of each department.
  • The Right to Service Act has been enacted to ensure that people receive the services in time.
  • Uttarkanya , the branch secretariat, has been established at North Bengal, ending the long wait and sense of deprivation of the people there. On 11th February, with the participation of members of the ministry, cabinet meeting was also organised here.
  • We have started e-procurement, e-registration and e-payment for the speedy transparent and skilful disposal of
  • During the last two and a half years, Hon`ble CM has conducted meetings thrice in every district – 54 administrative meetings in total, to ensure transparent administration and development of work culture. This example is unique not only in our state but to the whole of India.