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March 27, 2014

Trinamool takes the art of slogans to the next level

Trinamool takes the art of slogans to the next level

With the Lok Sabha Election at the doors, Trinamool Congress, as usual has outflanked its opposition with political rhymes that are being displayed through graffiti all over the state. Whether it is the door-to-door campaign or wall graffiti, the candidates of the party have easily made a mark in the hearts of the voters.

The party is projecting various achievements of the West Bengal Government in the last three years. Hard facts are being communicated to the public as to how the Trinamool Government worked for the development of West Bengal during the last 34 months. Various path breaking schemes – like the Kanyashree, the Yuvashree, the success in 100-days job scheme etc. – are being highlighted through graffiti and posters across the state.

One such rhyme which is doing the rounds on wall graffiti across the State is:


Ebar hobe Bharat Chara

Futbe na ar Padma phul

Bharat Gorbe Trinamool

 Another slogan that has been coined by Didi herself is:

 Banglar Disha

Bharoter Poth

Trinamool Gorbe

Bharat er Bhobisyot

The popular slogans that have been used since 2011 are in prominence again. They are: upor Jora Phul

Bangla Banchabe Trinamool


 Chup Chap Phul e chhap

With slogans, message of development and personal connect with the voters both online and offline, Trinamool campaign for the Lok Sabha elections 2014 clearly covers 360 degrees of communication.