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July 21, 2019

21 things Mamata Banerjee said on 21July Shahid Dibas rally

21 things Mamata Banerjee said on 21July Shahid Dibas rally

Like every year, Trinamool Congress organised the 21 July Martyrs’ Day rally to pay homage to the 13 activists who died in police firing in 1993. The main speaker was Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee.

Below are the 21 most important points from her speech:

  1. The sun is smiling today – the sun will energise us all. Every year, it rains on this day. But today there is bright sun. Let it energise all of us to arise and stand on our feet once again.
  2. The BJP has stopped vehicles carrying our followers and thrown them out. We will give back in the same coin. Be prepared for that day. Our people will treat you in the same way. But we will not be stopped in this 26th year that our meeting is being held.
  3. In UP, the BJP stopped Priyanka Gandhi and our delegation. Here when Section 144 is imposed, the BJP comes in hordes to create trouble
  4. We tell the BJP, first return the black money you used in the elections. Where did you get the money for 5-star party office, for the huge campaign arrangements and to and fro transport. Return the black money and cut money – all that you have taken till now – and used for winning elections
  5. July 26 and 27 will be dedicated to this. “Black Money Phiriye Dao” – will be the programme. There will be protests in every block – we will demand from the BJP the return of black money and cut money they took from all the people. We have documents about the BJP asking for cut money – they asked for cut money for schemes like UJALA, LPG cylinders – the information is from their own leaders
  6. We are against violence and gundagardi. But the BJP is making people point fingers at us with false information and rigged incidents. But what is happening in UP, Rajasthan, Tripura? Why is nobody raising the violence there. The media too ignores all this.
  7. The BJP is carrying out atrocities on people based on religious lines. I have a video of the BJP planning to attack Hindus and trying to create adverse opinion so that they win by playing on emotions.
  8. I have seen several governments at the Centre over the years. But Bills are being passed in Parliament without giving opportunity for others to speak – the federal structure is being bulldozed. Opposition is cooperating so Parliament is working. Remember, governments change.
  9. The BJP is now resorting to horse-trading in Goa, Rajasthan, MP and Karnataka – even here they are using money to win over MLAs. But how many governments will you break? You will yourselves break down in the middle
  10. It was Khelo India before, now the BJP is saying Becho India. They are talking about a huge Rs 1.2 lakh crore disinvestment now, where 42 public sector companies will be privatised. I have told our trade union and party leaders to protest strongly.
  11. At the Karmadiganta in Bantala, 5 lakh jobs and Rs 80,000 crore investment will take place. Here, companies from even Kashmir and Chennai will be coming. At Deocha-pachami – the world’s second largest coal block – 1 lakh people will get work.
  12. How did the BJP get so many seats – that too and very mysteriously as they had predicted? The results were almost exactly as their leaders had said would happen. The EVMs were manipulated, that’s why. This is why we are demanding return to ballots, and do away with EVMs. Even in the US, UK, European countries like the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Japan, it is not the EVM that is used during elections, it is the ballot.
  13. Breaking Vidyasagar’s statue was a conspiracy – through stalwarts like him, Bangla has taught the country so many things. Majority of great leaders and social activists came from here. This Bangla will never bow its head – keep this in mind, BJP. Don’t ever think about insulting our great leaders. First learn and know about the culture of Bangla.
  14. Central agencies have again started calling people – Satabdi, Prasenjit and others – and asking them to contact certain BJP leaders. A certain party member of ours is being threatened to involve wrongfully any prominent member of our party, so that he or she is not harassed.
  15. On July 29, we will start a big pro-people’s movement at the village and local levels. Leaders from across the State – be it in villages or cities – must work closely with the people to help them. On that day, I will announce a booth-level programme. The booth workers are our most valuable workers
  16. There are other programmes that have been lined up. On July 27 is Nanur Dibas, on August 9, we will have a ‘Bharat Chhoro’ agitation against the BJP, August 14 midnight onwards, we will celebrate Independence Day, August 28 is Trinamool Chhatra Parishad Foundation Day, and on September 5, Trinamool will pay respects to Teachers. On September 26, we will hold the 200th birth anniversary celebrations of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, when I will go to his house. The day will be celebrated at the booth level in all districts. And on October 2, we will observe Gandhiji’s 150th birth anniversary.
  17. There will be religious festivals as well. Raksha Bandhan – everyone will tie rakhis on everyone’s hands. We have and will continue to celebrate all festivals – we allow everything – we do not discriminate
  18. I have created Jai Hind Vahini and Banga Janani Vahini to fight against the atrocities of the BJP.  These are in addition to the Kisan Mazdoor, Minorities, Trinamool Chhatra Parishad and Trinamool Women’s Congress. Mark the people in every locality who have taken money.All of you will work together – stand strong, and Trinamool will not lose. We will rise again
  19. I will start administrative meetings from July 26. Over the next three months there will be programmes in every district. I request good people to join us. Workers, make them understand what we stand for and bring them to work for the party
  20. We will give salaries to government staff as far as possible – DA has been increased to 123 per cent. We are still Number One in so many things – Bengal Govt is leading in 100 Days’ work, agriculture, rural roads, MSME, e-governance and many other sectors
  21. I have never feared attacks. Trinamool has never feared fighting injustice. Remember if you take bribes, you will be deceiving the people. You must take a vow to stand with the people and for the people. Visit every booth and every block, and always walk with your head held high.