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July 26, 2019

1st Supusti Dibas and Annaprasan Dibas being celebrated today

1st Supusti Dibas and Annaprasan Dibas being celebrated today

The State Government is celebrating the first Supusti Dibas (Nutrition Day) and Annaprasan Dibas today.

While the fourth Friday of every month will be celebrated as Supusti Dibas, the fourth Friday every three months (that is, every quarter) will be celebrated as Annaprasan Dibas.

The celebrations will be organised by the Women and Child Development Department.

Supusti Dibas is meant for pregnant women, while their husband and mother-in-law will be invited to join the programme as well. The community-based programmes will be held at the Anganwadi Centres (AWC).

Annaprasan Dibas is an initiative for complementary feeding in children aged from six to nine months.

These two projects have been taken up following the initiative taken up by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to combat malnutrition, which poses a serious threat in the third world countries.

To make these projects, which are basically supplementary nutrition programmes, a success, awareness campaign at the community level is very important.

The early years of life are very crucial as the foundation of holistic development of a child is laid during this time, which in turn helps in shaping their future. In the formative years, care, nutrition and joyful learning experiences are required.

Source: Millennium Post