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July 1, 2019

Doctors are our pride, without them many lives would have been lost: Mamata Banerjee

Doctors are our pride, without them many lives would have been lost: Mamata Banerjee

On the occasion of Doctors’ Day today, Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee felicitated eminent doctors with the Bishista Chikitshak Award at a ceremony at SSKM Hospital.

She also inaugurated the first Level 1 Trauma Care Centre of West Bengal at SSKM Hospital on the occasion.

Highlights of her speech:

Congratulations to all the doctors who have been felicitated today. I congratulate everyone related to the medical profession, nurses, health workers and pharmacists today on the occasion of Doctors’ Day.

Today is the birth anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chabdra Roy, who was not only a successful politician but also a successful doctor, and a wonderful human being. July 1 is celebrated as Doctors’ Day.

We had created Mati Tirtha, and from 2013 started celebrated Mati Utsab. The United Nations recognised our effort, and from 2015, Mati Utsab is being celebrated all over the world.

Doctors are our pride, without them many lives would have been lost.

A lot of infrastructural improvements have taken place at SSKM Hospital, and at other hospitals too.

The State Government has spent Rs 100 crore to set up the Trauma Care Centre at SSKM, which has 150 beds. Another Rs 14 crore has been given for buying scanning and MRI equipment. This is the best trauma care centre in the country.

760 posts have been created at the Trauma Care Centre.

Several years ago, our government had set up Madhur Sneha at this very hospital, for providing mother’s milk to babies whose mothers die at childbirth.

In Bangla, more than 300 SNSUs have been set up. The number of SNCUs have increased from six, when our government came to power, to more than 70 now.

Five health health districts have been created. Sixteen Mother and Child Hubs (MCH) have been created. Waiting Huts have come up in remote areas.

In terms of social impact and financial spend, Bengal’s state of health is the best in the country. From 65 per cent in 2011, institutional delivery now covers 97.5 per cent of childbirth.

Child mortality has reduced from 24 to 32, infant mortality rate has reduced from 113 to 101.

We have set up 116 fair-price medicine shops where discounts of 40 to 70 per cent are given.

We have set up 43 super-critical hospitals.

We still need 4,000 more doctors. For providing effective service in rural areas, doctors need to learn the local language.

The number of hospital beds has increased by 28,000 and the number of medical colleges by 20. The number of medical education seats has increased to 3,800.

The number of nurses has increased from 32,000 to 52,900. More nursing colleges have been established. Posts for male nurses have been created in government hospitals.

Untrained doctors in rural areas are being trained so that the3y can provide primary medical care.

Homeopathy and AYUSH would be given their due respect.

The State Government will set up a cancer hospital opposite the emergency ward.

The government spends Rs 925 crore on the Swasthya Sathi Scheme.

About 11,000 health centres have been modernised.

From next year, on Doctors’ Day, along with doctors, nurses would also be honoured.

Though our government is short on money, we try our best to give our medical personnel monetary rewards.

We are also indebted to society, hence we all have to work together.

People need to be explained the fact that doctors have to examine numerous patients every day. We should all have proper regard for health establishments. Doctors too need to think about the sentiments of family members and friends of patients while communicating with them.