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July 18, 2019

Intelligent lighting system in all municipalities of Bangla

Intelligent lighting system in all municipalities of Bangla

In a significant stride towards reducing electricity demand for streetlights, the State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department would implement an intelligent lighting system in all the municipalities in Bangla. Conventional electricity production causes carbon emission that contributes to air pollution.

The reduction in electricity demand will help save around 30 per cent of the cost of electricity of the department. This scheme of intelligent lighting comes under the Green City Mission that was launched three years ago.

The method to reduce electricity demand will be through controlling the intensity of light, depending on the timing and volume of traffic on the roads. The lights will give 100 per cent glow when there will be reasonably heavy traffic or pedestrian movement and their intensity will gradually come down with the decrease of the flow.

It may be mentioned that the State Government has already been taking measures to reduce electricity consumption. Towards this end, the department has replaced normal bulbs with LED bulbs in 5 lakh of the 7 lakh street lights in 125 municipalities across the State, including in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, with the rest of the work to be completed soon.

As a result, electricity consumption has already reduced by 60 per cent. The intelligent lighting system will further reduce the consumption of electricity.

Source: Millennium Post