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July 23, 2019

State Govt comes up with attractive booklet to highlight fire-fighting measures

State Govt comes up with attractive booklet to highlight fire-fighting measures

The State Fire and Emergency Services Department has come up with a booklet containing colourful pictorial illustrations regarding precautionary measures that can be followed to curb fire accidents.

This unique approach has been taken to create awareness among school students about fire safety and security.

Fire safety tips essential

While commenting on the booklet, the Fire and Emergency Services Minister said that awareness is the key to avoiding incidents of fire as well as fighting them. So if people follow certain safety measures, they can keep themselves protected.

He said the government believes that awareness through children can create wonders when it comes to maintenance of safety measures to check fires, and hence it has published this booklet.

It will soon start distributing these attractive booklets among school and college students and they will, in turn, be encouraged to take up the responsibility of educating their family members about these steps.


The booklet begins with a picture of a mother educating her children about the steps that should be taken if a fire suddenly breaks out in a building.

Switching off all electric lights and gadgets, opening up all doors and windows of the house, then vacating the building using the staircase, preferably covering the face and nose with a piece of cloth, are among the steps mentioned. These should be followed by an immediate call to the fire brigade.

The book highlights rules to be followed in the kitchen like using cooking gas carefully, having proper implements and not just a piece of cloth for taking down something hot from the oven, opening the doors and windows immediately if there is any gaseous smell, avoiding pouring kerosene when the stove is in burning condition, etc.

Other precautionary messages include keeping matchsticks away from the reach of children, avoiding smoking while lying down on the bed, putting off switches of lights in case of a power cut, not connecting too many electrical gadgets through a single plug point, etc.

The booklet tells elders to keep a close watch on their children when they celebrate Diwali and, in case of emergency, dial the toll-free number, 101.


All the messages in the book are short yet concise and illustrated with pictures so that the curiosity to read them will arise automatically, said an official of the Fire Department.

Source: Millennium Post