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July 1, 2019

Bangla CM gives call for protecting the environment

Bangla CM gives call for protecting the environment

Considering the water scarcity the country is facing, and taking into account reports that such scarcity will become more acute in the future, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday, June 17 gave call for everyone to make efforts for protecting the environment.

She said that because of global warming, many places are facing water scarcity. In this State, some of the blocks are facing water problems. For this reason more lakes need to be dug. In this context, she said that the Jal Dharo Jal Bharo Scheme needs to be expanded. She also appealed to all to prevent wastage of water.

In water-scarce areas, she said, cultivation of crops which require less water should be encouraged, to replace traditional water-hungry crops. The chief minister gave the call for water conservation through the slogan, ‘Save Water, Save Power, Save Environment’.

Mamata Banerjee also spoke on the issue of dredging of rivers. She said a review is being carried out to start a programme of dredging rivers which have become shallow due to the accumulation of silt.

As of now, the programme has been started in the districts of Bankura, Purba Bardhaman, Paschim Bardhaman, Birbhum and Hooghly, at a cost of Rs 2,700 crore, the chief minister informed the Assembly, which cost is being borne entirely by the State Government.