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July 1, 2019

State Govt to boost tourism prospects of Plassey and Sabujdweep

State Govt to boost tourism prospects of Plassey and Sabujdweep

The Bangla Government is exploring the tourism potential at Sabujdweep in Hooghly district and Plassey (Palashi) in Nadia district, along with many other places. This was stated by the State Tourism Minister in the Assembly on Thursday, June 27. He pointed out that all possibilities are being explored to make them popular tourist spots.

The minister said that several steps have already been taken to promote Sabujdweep as a major tourist destination, including the process for setting up a jetty. There are mainly two islands that comprise Sabujdweep, one of which is around 55 acres in area and the other, around 44 acres.

About Plassey, the minister said there are plans to develop the place, which carries huge historical significance, being the site of a famous battle fought in 1757. A gate would be set up to commemorate the historical event. The State Heritage Commission has given certain directives to the department, which the latter will adhere to.

The State Tourism Department has also taken up steps to create infrastructure to develop cultural tourism destinations at Jharkhali and Gajoldoba, in South 24 Parganas and Jalpaiguri districts, respectively, and also at Sabujdweep.

In each of the three places, there will be a separate area exclusively for the performance of artistes. Local artisans will be making handicrafts in these places, for selling to tourists.

Source: Millennium Post