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July 18, 2019

Investments worth Rs 80,000 crore at Calcutta Leather Complex: CM

Investments worth Rs 80,000 crore at Calcutta Leather Complex: CM

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated several new initiatives at the Calcutta Leather Complex at Bantala. On the occasion, she said investments worth Rs 80,000 crore will pour in at the complex, generating 5 lakh employment opportunities.

Highlights of her speech:

This is not only the biggest leather hub of Asia but the world’s largest leather hub. 98% of the world’s leather gloves are made here. This is a unique hub. This place has a police station, fire brigade, affluent plant. Two more are coming up. Once complete, this hub will generate 5 lakh jobs. I am naming this hub ‘Karma Diganta’.

Once these two affluent plants are complete, 5 lakh jobs will be created. At the Bengal Global Business Summit, we had said two lakh jobs will be created. In reality, 5 lakh jobs will be created, at an investment of Rs 80,000 crore.

When industries were shutting down in Kanpur, we set up new industries. This is a big achievement. As a measure of environment-friendliness, 8 affluent plants are coming up, four of which will be ready by November. Rest will also be completed soon. They will generate power from leather. Bags, sandals, gloves will be manufactured from leather. World’s biggest market will be created in Kolkata.

Today is a day of pride for Bangla. At a time when employment opportunities are ebbing across India, we have been able to generate jobs. Since 2016-17, two crore jobs have been lost in the country. We have been able to reduce unemployment by 40 per cent. After demonetisation, the investors of Kanpur contacted us. We have given them land at a concessional rate.

‘Karma Diganta’ is a new feather in Bangla’s cap. This apart, one lakh jobs will be created at Deocha Pachami. We are also setting up Silicon Valley Hub, where we had initially allotted 100 acres of land. All the land has been booked, so we have allotted 100 acres additionally. This is a great thing for the IT industry.