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July 29, 2019

UP incidents very unwelcome; Trinamool chief urges PM to look after the nation

UP incidents very unwelcome; Trinamool chief urges PM to look after the nation

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee met media personnel after the new campaign launch meeting with party MLAs and district leaders at Nazrul Mancha today. She condemned the recent incidents in UP and urged the Prime Minister to take care of the nation, as he had been elected to do so.

Here are excerpts of what she said:

I welcome the new Governor.

I read in the newspapers about the lynching of a retired Army captain at his home in Amethi. The Unnao rape victim is also seriously injured in what seems to be a staged road accident. Her relatives have been killed. I don’t know the real reason behind these incidents, but they are very unfortunate and unwelcome.

The BJP govt is using the CBI and the ED wherever it wants all over the country. The CBI department comes under the Prime Minister’s office, and it is continuously sending letters to all the political parties. But in the “accident” case, neither the central govt nor the state (UP) govt is taking any action against those responsible for the incident.

There are incidents of lynching and arranged accidents almost every day now. A former Army Captain has been lynched. I don’t understand what is happening in the country?

I am strongly protesting these incidents. And because our party MPs also protest, Bangla is always being targeted. They are disgracing and denigrating Bangla almost every day. But are they keeping a tab on what is happening in Uttar Pradesh every day? Why did the lynching and the staged accident take place? A high-powered inquiry should be held into these incidents. And the inquiry must not be an eyewash; we also do not trust a govt employee handling the inquiry.

A fascist rule is going on now in the country. Communalism is spreading in Uttar Pradesh. They have also sent people here to spread communal disharmony in the name of cow protection. The country cannot run in this manner.

I am urging the Prime Minister to keep a watch over the country. Since you have been elected to the post by the people of the country, please work for them. This is my request.