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July 17, 2019

State Govt programme for energy-efficient water supply

State Govt programme for energy-efficient water supply

The State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Minister recently inaugurated the Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (MEEP), with the aim of enabling energy-efficient water supply across Bangla.

The government, through its conservation initiatives, has been at the forefront of enabling energy efficiency in the State.

Energy Efficiency in municipal water supply systems will play a huge role in water conservation efforts. The minister, while inaugurating the project, said that the government is committed towards creating stable, sustainable and transparent public utility systems.

MEEP is a joint venture between the Bangla Government and the PSU, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). Thirty-nine urban local bodies (ULB) have already joined the programme, and 1,161 water pumps are currently being replaced with energy-efficient variants. Other ULBs will join shortly.

MEEP will lead to annual energy savings of 33.22 million units and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of 27,245 tonnes of CO2, resulting in monetary savings of Rs 153.65 crore during the project period of seven years.

Source: Millennium Post