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July 24, 2019

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee confers Chalachchitra Samman on 15 Tollywood personalities

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee confers Chalachchitra Samman on 15 Tollywood personalities

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today conferred the Chalachchitra Samman on personalities from the film and television world during a colourful function on July 24, the death anniversary of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. The honour was bestowed on 15 prominent persons for their contribution to the industry. 

The honour was initiated by the Chief Minister in 2012, and has continued annually ever since. A cultural function is also organised on the occasion. In her address to the audience, she said: 

Highlights of what she said:

I thank the artistes who are present here. We remember Mahanayak through the presentation of various awards. Uttam Kumar is a name that is perpetual and universal in popularity. Our youth and lives are linked with him. There are some names in the film, music and art world that we can never forget. If we do, it would mean forgetting their contributions to society, and forgetting Bangla culture. So this is how we promote and portray the work of these personalities among the people. I shall never forget the day Uttam Kumar left us in 1980. Have been remembering the sad day every year. 

The awards are being given to artistes from various fields, by which they will be remembered. Technicians’ Studio has come up after spending Rs 32 crore. Baruipur Tele Academy is also coming up, where almost 132 crores will be spent. The work there is almost over. 

The Swasthyasathi Scheme has been extended to actors and technicians, and efforts are on to include singers as well. With this card, one can avail of treatment at private hospitals up to Rs 5 lakhs. We have arranged for the treatment of many talented artistes. We want to help artistes walk with their heads held high. We are happy when people’s money is used for the benefit of the people.   

A hundred speeches cannot be etched in our minds as much as a single song can be. We still remember so many old songs. They will never fade. I had gone to Bengaluru to present Manna Dey with the Banga Bibhushan award. Such singers are our pride. 

This year will be the silver jubilee of the (Kolkata) International Film Festival. All of you, please attend.  

Those of you who compose songs, write scripts for plays or films, please write on public awareness issues, like saving water. Drinking water will be a major problem in a few years from now.

Bangla is fortunate to have nature’s gift of several rivers. Our govt has dug 3 lakh new ponds over the last eight years, 400 new check dams have also come up. But lack of rains has led to a drought-like situation in South Bengal.

Those artistes who have left us may not be with us physically. But they continue to be in our minds. They will be with Bangla forever. Mumbai may be India’s business capital. But the cultural capital of the country is Kolkata. Build the future of Bangla with your talent, intelligence and genius.

Those who received awards: 

1. Best Child Actor- Master Joshijeet Banerjee (Adventures of Jojo)

2. Best Makeup- Shri Ramchandra Rajak (Nagarkirtan)

3. Best Costume Designer- Shri Gobindo Mondal (Nagarkirtan)

4. Best Photograpger Shri Shubhankar Bhar (Byomkesh Gowtro)

5. Best Cinematographer- Shri Srijit Mukherjee (Ek Je Chhilo Raja)

6. Best Music Director- Shri Prosen (Shah Jahan Regency)

7. Best Emerging Film Director – Shri Dhruba Banerjee (Durgeshgorer Guptodhon)

8. Best Director- Shri Kaushik Ganguly (Nagarkirtan)

9. Best Producer- Shri Venkatesh Films (Ek Je Chilo Raja, Byomkesh Gowtro, Durgeshgorer Guptodhon) and Acropolis Entertainment Private Limited (Nagarkirtan)

10. Best Actress – Shrimati Tanuja (Shonar Pahar)

11. Best Actor – Ritwik Chakrabarty (Nagarkirtan)

12. Best Film- Ek Je Chhilo Raja (Shri Srijit Mukherjee)

Mahanayak Somman

1. Shrimati Satabdi Roy

2. Shrimati Debasree Roy

3. Shrimati Indrani Haldar

4. Shri Jisshu Sengupta

5. Parambrata Chatterjee